Sea and Sunshine in My Soul

thumbnailThere is nothing more special than an unexpected gift.  That is exactly what SeaSanCarlos offered 20 lucky recipients this past week.  As a thank you to the community for a successful touring season, we were invited to join a free morning cruise on the Sea of Cortez.  My friend and I arrived early and found seats at the very front of the boat; reached by a precarious walk/shuffle along a very narrow section of the craft.  We were rewarded for our efforts immediately with a stunning view of Tetakawi, our sacred mountain, peeking at us over the masts of boats docked in the marina.

After introducing us to his crew, our captain slowly made his way into the bahía.  He almost immediately idled his engine to point out a stoic osprey, perched on a branch, protruding from one of the high cliffs surrounding us.  What else had I been missing by only focusing in one direction?  Immune to our attention, the powerful bird continued scanning the bay for his breakfast.  thumbnail-1

The power of the sea was displayed in the cliffs that stretched out to meet her.  Hidden hollows, carved by years of relentless pounding, provided shelter for gulls and blue footed boobies.  I had believed I might only be able to see this famously funny bird by making a trip to the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador.  What a joy to know we were neighbors.  I delighted in the sight of their bright blue feet, which reminded me of a bold fashion accessory to an otherwise dull outfit.  Do I overlook the seemingly  “plain”, only to miss what is beyond the surface?

Moving into more open water, we experienced vistas of our sleepy little town from the outside.  I reflected on the importance of opening my eyes to different points of view, and the potential they offer.  I marveled at the bold colors of the homes lining the shore, and the way the buildings seemed to hold on to one other dearly.

thumbnail-2Our attention was suddenly drawn to a small pod of dolphins feeding.  As the boat moved slowly closer, my eyes filled with tears.  It is difficult to explain the emotions I felt upon seeing these incredible creatures in the wild.  Grateful, humbled, awed.  I clapped and hooted like an excited child.  What unbridled joy I felt.  This happiness penetrated me to my very core.  My soul actually felt lighter.  What other little surprises do I take for granted during my days, not quite appreciating them for the potential magic they hold?

Finally, we turned and headed back in the opposite direction.  Our captain tucked our boat into a small cove, where the waves had carved an opening in the rock, large enough for kayaks or  a fishing panga to find protection and solace from bad weather.  Cacti reached upward, taking root in the cracks in the cliff and holding on for dear life; the small overcoming the mighty.  Size is not a measure of significance.

SeaSanCarlos thought they were just gifting me a boat ride.  They gave me so much more.  thumbnail-6Each moment on this trip granted me the opportunity to reflect on the significance of everything I experienced and how it could be applied in my own life.  Look around.  Ordinary is extraordinary.  Be open to other viewpoints.  Notice the little things; be grateful for them.  Everything, big or small, has value in our world.  What happens on the boat, does not stay on the boat.  I am taking this with me.

Author: acstrine

Amy is a former elementary school teacher, currently living "Over the Border" with her husband. She loves reading, traveling, and learning through new experiences. While she would be incredibly flattered if you choose to share her articles, she asks that her name is kindly included as the author.  

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