My Internet Pain Is (Finally) My Dad’s Gain

The good news is that I can now receive WhatsApp and Messenger messages from family and friends wherever I happen to be.  Downtown Guaymas, the beach, on a boat in the Sea of Cortez, and even my house should the internet crash and burn.  That is the bad news- -and the reason I can now be reached wherever I am.  Sometime last Wednesday afternoon our internet died a horrible death.  We are used to somewhat sporadic service, so we waited a day to see if it was a Telemex problem.  It was not.  After trying to call to report the issue, we realized our phone was dead as well.

Yes, if I had only listened to my father a year ago or so, I would have been able to call Telemex on my cell phone to schedule an appointment.  But, since I did not, I had to write a note to Steve explaining why he was going to have to handle this. I gave the note to my mom, who is thankfully on vacation in San Carlos right now, to take to her house.  She copied my note as a text message, and sent it to my husband.  Had we known that Telemex never answers their phone, I could have just driven over and explained in person.  Since we did not, and Steve could not reach me, he had that honor.  At any rate, a claim was filed, and we were told we could expect a response in three to five days.

I panicked.  How would I bombard Caleb with texts all day asking him how he was doing, making sure he had food and was warm enough?  I was at risk of losing my Word With Friends games with my dad by timing out.  I absolutely hate to lose, and he beats me on a regular enough basis as it is.  I had important e-mails I needed to access regarding a charitable fundraiser, Spanish class, and a book discussion.  I needed to update my reading list on Goodreads.  I was missing news reports of Trump’s most recent shenanigans.  Never mind that Steve might actually have real work he needed to do from home.

Yes, I am well aware of how very shallow this sounds.  I think people who “tweet” have a hashtag they use to describe my whining over such insignificant “problems”.  I was not proud of my reaction, but there it was.  It was startling to discover how much I depended on technology now that it was available to me.  (Well, up until Wednesday.)

Bright and early Saturday morning, Telemex arrived to fix the problem.  The technician looked at one of the phone junction boxes across from our house.  He drove down the street to look at another.  He came inside and listened to our phone.  He looked down a little hole in the dirt in the yard next door.  He said the problem was with the wire underground.  He could not fix it; we lived on private property.  He explained that the realtor managing the property next door had been trying for six months to get this fixed, as it affected his listing also.  And then he drove off, not looking back even once.

Steve headed across the street to discuss the problem with the gentleman who rents us our house.  Our addition’s maintenance man, Julio, joined them in a discussion around the little hole in the dirt.   Once he understood the problem, he said he could fix it.  He needed a work order from the hotel next door, since the hotel is kind of, sort of the owner of the addition.  Steve and I headed to the hotel for a work order (and to Oxxo for a Sim card and Amigo Plan minutes).  Our landlord/neighbor attacked the water line cover with a pickax.  (He swears the problem was caused by three guys working on a water leak with a jackhammer.)

A neighbor happened by this group and commented that it must be a government job; one guy working, and three standing around.

While I tried to figure out what my new Amigo Plan included, there was a meeting of the minds happening around the little hole in the dirt.  Given the news that a work order was pending, Julio, got right to work.  The others were just there for moral support, I guess.  Within minutes, Julio found and replaced a corroded connector.  We still had no phone or internet, but we were all a little encouraged by this development.  After a two hour long inspection of the underground wire (how this happened, I do not know), Julio concluded that the wire was “no buena”.  His plan was to run a new wire on Monday.

No wire was run today.  We are following up on that work order.  Telmex is still not answering their phone.  In the meantime, I have read three books and completed five crossword puzzles.  I joined a yoga class.  I have also finished a chapter in my Spanish workbook and written three blog posts.  I am now contemplating a jigsaw puzzle.

(Thank you to Shots Bar for the wifi hookup this afternoon.)

Author: acstrine

Amy is a former elementary school teacher, currently living "Over the Border" with her husband. She loves reading, traveling, and learning through new experiences. While she would be incredibly flattered if you choose to share her articles, she asks that her name is kindly included as the author.  

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