When You Really Want A Dog, But You Get a Purse Instead

My Fashion Show experience ended two days after the actual event.  Late Thursday afternoon, I received an e-mail stating that my mom’s purse had been found in the parking lot.  Yay!  After a couple exchanges, the woman who found it called, and we made plans for a pick up.  This was not as simple as it sounded.  The conversation lasted 40 minutes.

We talked a bit about the Fashion Show itself, and of course, the sweet puppies came up.  I shamelessly threw my husband under the bus.  He was the sole reason I did not bring my little guy home.  The woman must not have heard that part because the next thing I knew, she was telling me all about a puppy she was fostering- -a puppy who needed a home.  Since her street numbers were exactly the same as the street numbers on my mom’s once missing driver’s license and since I had exactly the same name as her daughter, it was my true destiny to bring this puppy home.

In fact, she began planning an overnight for the pup, so the two of us could have a sleepover, a trial run, if you will.  Any number of things began running through my mind.  1) I did not want this puppy.  I wanted the little black one.  2) My husband was not in agreement with taking on the responsibility of a pet at this time.  3) Maybe I would absolutely love this puppy, and Steve would have a change of heart.  4) But the little black puppy had absolutely no one; he needed me more.  5) This was not the kind of woman a person says no to. 6) Holy crap!  I was in a real pickle here.  7) Did my mom really need her purse back?!

I tried again and again to explain that Steve wanted to wait for a bit before having another.  It had not yet been a year since we lost Drake, our 14 year old Australian Shepherd mix.  Steve was not ready.  As disappointed as I was with how he felt about this, I did understand.  Unfortunately, the woman on the phone did not.  Finally, she decided that she would send me a bunch of cute dog pictures and that I would talk to my husband again.  We would see each other the next day when I stopped to pick up the purse, and I could take the puppy then.

I hung up wondering what in the heck just happened!  I swore I said “no, I can’t right now” at least 10 times.  Needless to say, Steve was not at all swayed by this predicament.  Yes, the puppy was very sweet.  No, he had not changed his mind.  I had anxiety induced dreams that night- -something about losing my group on the way to a Harry Potter movie, finding a ride with someone I did not know, and then crashing her car into a curb trying to make a tight turn.  I simply hate disappointing people (and dogs).

Yes, I was incredibly nervous on the drive over to pick up the purse.  I imagined a suitcase, packed and ready to go, sitting on the counter, right next to the purse.  I had not yet worked out a story to explain the presence of a dog in our home.  And while I knew it was wrong, I imagined myself carrying the dog around in a cute tote bag as I ran my errands in town.

I immediately liked the woman who met me at the gate, which made it so much harder

Dulce, another “sweet” San Carlos dog, in need of a loving home.

to say no again in person.  It was obvious that she was kind, compassionate, and truly cared for the animals of San Carlos.  She introduced me to her pack and provided plenty of one on one time for me with Dulce, a beautiful golden girl.  Dulce sat on my lap, rested her chin on my shoulder, and let me tickle her belly.  And while Dulce’s foster was sad I could not take Dulce, she seemed to finally understand that a home with two people who were fully ready to embrace the commitment was best for the dog.

Then she shared that her house was for sale and gave me a tour.  Maybe I would want to buy it.  (At this point I may have uttered a few curses under my breath, directed toward my mother for losing her purse in the first place.)  “Great news, Steve!  I said “no” to the dog and bought a house instead!”

Finally, I got the purse and left.  Sad once again to be leaving a dog behind.

Later that same evening, I learned that the litter of puppies from the Fashion Show had been abandoned, left in the convention center by the people who brought them.  An emergency foster home was found for all.  The foster mom planned on keeping them until they were strong and healthy.  I made contact with a volunteer who knew where they were.  Steve and I are helping out by supplying puppy food and warm blankets.  I have not given up hope that I will be able to bring one home.

Fortunately for the dogs and cats of San Carlos, this is the passion people involved with the SBPA feel for their mission.  They advocate tirelessly for the homeless pet population in our area.  I cannot fault them for their repeated attempts to convince folks to take a dog home.  I may have had a nightmare brought on by some of the pressure and my own guilt.  But at least I had that nightmare in a warm bed, in a safe place, after a nourishing meal, next to someone who loves me.

(Part 3/3)

Author: acstrine

Amy is a former elementary school teacher, currently living "Over the Border" with her husband. She loves reading, traveling, and learning through new experiences. While she would be incredibly flattered if you choose to share her articles, she asks that her name is kindly included as the author.  

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